Here are 12 tips to use in the casting room:

1.  Come to work and not to please or get approval.

2.  Enter the room with certainty. Show them who you are.

3.  Own the room. It’s your time to shine!

4.  Don’t apologize or make excuses. For anything.

5.  Ask questions only when you truly need answers. “Do you have any questions?” is usually another way of saying: “Are you ready?” You aren’t required to have one.

6.  Do your homework on the project. Get to know the players and the show or film’s tone and style.

7.  Minimize or eliminate any miming. Do not busy yourself with props and blocking. Keep it simple.

8.  Know your words and understand what you’re talking about.

9.  Make specific, personal, strong choices.

10.  Know what you want to do and do it. Then leave yourself available to make discoveries. Let your preparation meet the moments.

11.  Don’t expect to be directed, but if you are, take the direction.

13.  Make the reader the star of your audition. No matter who’s reading the lines or how they are reading the lines, engage your reader fully!