Audition slot reservations are now available online!

Welcome to the Actors Workshop Studios audition slot reservation system.

Reserving an audition slot is quick and easy! Click on the date of the audition on the calendar below, and select an audition time slot.

Input your Name, Phone Number and Email address, and click Submit. That’s it!

Good luck at the audition! 



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To Cancel or Change an Audition Time Slot:

If you have selected an audition time but not clicked on “Submit,” you may cancel the time by clicking on “Cancel” beneath the Calendar. 

If you have selected an audition time and submitted your information, you may cancel the time slot by responding to your email confirmation and entering CANCEL in the subject line. You may select a new time. 

If there are no Audition Time Slots remaining:

 If there are no audition time slots left, you may arrive at the audition and we will do our best to provide you an opportunity to audition.