Auditions make people nervous. That’s understandable. There’s a job on the line and the rent needs to be paid. But you can’t let nerves take away your opportunity to work. For your next audition try these steps for a stronger, more relaxed, more focused audition. 

Experts say eight hours is what we need. That may be wishful thinking, but on audition days do your absolute best to get as much sleep the night before as you can. Being tired will hinder your ability to listen, to quickly take direction, and draw from your much needed creative energy.

Eat Well
Stay away from sugary foods—the crash is a killer. Unless you function best after a heavy meal, try to avoid it. Go for your energy food, like proteins.

Use Relaxation Techniques
Put soothing music on. Lay on your back, palms flat on the floor, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, relaxing the body. Give yourself a good 15 minutes or more. It’s important to put yourself in the frame of mind to go to work and to get rid of anything positive, or negative, that’s happened in your day to this point. You’re going to play another character, so it’s time to get your life out of the way.

Do Vocal Warm-Ups
Get those vocal cracks and pops out—you don’t want them making an appearance during your audition and pulling focus. Stretch your muscles. Start with the head and go all the way to the toes. Loosen your entire body. Massage your upper and lower jaw and wake your face up.

For your vocal warm-up, fill your diaphragm for a count, hold for the same count and release for the same count. Increase the count as you go. Try going up and back down the scale as you release your air. Blow your lips out. Do some tongue twisters. Getting tripped up on the words in an audition can be the difference between being able to fulfill the amazing performance you’ve prepared and becoming a frazzled mess.

Finally, energize your body. Do 25 jumping jacks as fast as you can, or run in place as fast as you can for 15 seconds—whatever you need to give your body a jolt of energy.

Stay Hydrated
Drink water. You’ve heard it for years. Your body needs water to keep everything flowing. You’ll feel better, be more alert, and have more energy.

Keep Focused
Find a place you can stand and keep your energy level up. Stay focused on your job and keep your body and mind loose. Just before you go into your audition, take a deep breath. Fill your diaphragm and then release. This will instantly let go of whatever anxiety has built up during your wait.

Positive Visualization
As you relax and prepare, picture yourself in the audition room calm, confident, and owning the room. See yourself executing your choices just the way you planned. Everything is going well. No negative thoughts. Then when you actually go into the audition room, just press “play” and allow the movie you created in your subconscious to play.



~ Backstage Advice