The holidays are here!

The below are simple suggestions, yet taking time in the present could help you avoid losing your presents later!

  • Always lock up your home and automobiles, even if only stepping away for a few moments.
  • With home and autos, keep valuables out of sight. Put items in trunk before your next destination so thieves don’t see you placing them there.
  • Keep holiday gifts and other valuables out of sight from the outside of your home.
  • Have an extra set of keys with a trusted friend or neighbor; never have a key under a mat or other ‘secret’ hiding place as they are not so secret to thieves.
  • Keep entryways, pathways, stairwells, porches and yards well lit.
  • Make sure the locks on all windows and doors are in perfect working order.
  • Keep important paperwork in a safety deposit box.
  • If you will be away, make sure your home has ‘lived-in’ look: ask neighbor to mow lawn; temporarily stop deliveries; use timers and home automation devices.
  • Be a good neighbor to others: Contact the police if you notice suspicious activity.