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Welcome to the first of many posts for the AWS Advanced Class 2018! This is where I will be recapping what we learn in class, elaborating a bit (or a lot!) and giving you the chance to dive a little deeper, if you wish. I have WAY too much fun stuff to share with you during class itself, so this will be where I offer it up to you…

It is also where I will relay announcements, upcoming events and auditions, and give you a sneak peek into what I’m putting together for upcoming classes. If I can make files available for download, this will be a good place to get them to you as well, as far as full/partial scripts, monologue collections, notes and handouts and other such nonsense.

Plus, y’all can bring question(s) to class, where we can discuss them in person.

I will add a new post very soon which will recap our first class, the topics we covered, and other odds and ends.

To get your creative juices flowing, here’s the opening 2 minutes of the 2006 film The Fall (dir. Tarsem). Make sure your speakers are on – the music is as fantastic as the visuals are…

On behalf of everyone at Actor’s Workshop Studios, here’s hoping the year ahead will be awesome!

David Wagner
AWS Staff Member

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